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About: Re: FESPACO Distributor's award - worthwhile???

Thu, 9 May 1996 18:43:33 -0400

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Originally dated: Thu, 9 May 1996 18:43:33 -0400

It's difficult to say if it's worthwhile to create a new award for the
distributors, but I would say that whatever is done for the better
distribution is better than nothing. But why should for example
California Newsreels be supported? There must be others
who do better with fewer money.

In France there is an organization la Mediatheque des trois
mondes which has a lot of films and videos in their distribution.
And British Film Institute did also a good work last autumn
when releasing several African films in video form and at
least one film (Ballon d'or) in film theaters.

And I would absolutely say no to nominate an award according
to Toshiba if they don't even finance it!

BTW, does anyone know any other British distributors selling African
films in video? I would be interested to have them with English
subtitles for my students.

Mari Maasilta
University of Tampere

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