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Dear Friends, With regard to distributors of African Films in
the USA, please don't forget California Newsreel who not only has
a lot of films but has also done a lot of promotion of African
cinema. While I am on the line, let me alert you to the fact
that the new issue of JUMP CUT has, in addition to two reviews of
HOOP DREAMS, two excellent pieces on African cinema by Sada Niang
and Jonathan Haynes. This is issue #40 (US $8/Abroad 10). Also
issue #36 had a whole special section on African and Black
Diaspora Film and Video introduced by Mark Reid (US $4/abroad
4.50). Best regards, John Hess

John Hess JHESS@ITHACA.EDU 607-274-3079
Cinema and Photography
RHP School of Communications
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY, 14850

Co-Editor of JUMP CUT

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