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About: Distributors award - why Toshiba?

Fri, 10 May 1996 13:46:16 -0400

Originally from: (Steve Smith)
Originally dated: Fri, 10 May 1996 13:46:16 -0400

I appreciate the several comments on the distributor's award. We are still
thinking if this is the best way to encourage more distribution, and most
efficient use of funds.

The point of why include Toshiba in the name of the award and give them free

publicity is a good one. I should have explained more to begin with.
Basically DSR has gotten a lot of benefits from Toshiba over the years and
frankly without them we'd not be in existence today. The profit we earn
from Toshiba sales and service (as well as our export of computers) allows
us to be involved with African film work - which has always been a money
losing venture. Toshiba gave us the deal for educational discount computers

years ago when it was a really good deal. They let us buy direct for five
years, and let us be one of a dozen or so agencies allowed to get factory
reconditioned stock for several years. Also they set us up as a Premiere
service center - we are essentially the second largest in the USA - fixing
20+ Toshibas a day. Sure they are a commercial company and only do what
earns profit for themselves. But they agree with our high-service style and

support us so we can give much better than usual service - and we like their

most reliable laptops. So we owe it to them. Unless a lot of you feel it
is really inappropriate, we'll probably go with the name DSR/Toshiba
Distributors Award - that is if we do offer the prize....

I welcome any and all comments on this award. Our idea for it came about
reading an article at the last FESPACO that discussed how no one was
honoring the distributors and they too have a significant role to play.

Thanks, Steve Smith

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