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About: Liberia Broadcasting System Audience Survey 1983

Tue, 14 May 1996 12:38:26 -0400

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I was cleaning out old papers recently and came across this document. It is

35 pages long and a well written survey done by University of Liberia
Business Majors in August 1983. The paper was prepared by the Department,
Planning and Research, Dr Boikai, Mrs Wotorson, and Mr George. 1,100
respondents around Monrovia were administered a 42-question survey about
radio and television listening/watching patterns and preferences testing
seven hypotheses on:
sources of news and information
source preference for news and information
program preference on radio and TV
listening patterns/habits of respondents
station preference
media preference
media ownership
standard of living
influence for consumer purchasing/selected products

This is one of very few audience surveys ever done in sub-Saharan Africa
in the 1980s. When I got it in Liberia, I was aware that this was a very
limited distribution paper. Given the time gone by and the current
I'm sure it is OK to distribute it now. I suspect I may have the only copy
of this paper in existence.

If anyone would like a photocopy of the paper, please send me
US $8 to cover copying and postage or US$12 if you are outside
the USA, and I'll send you a copy.

What are the top ten TV shows?

Dallas 418 25.0%
Action News 287 17.0%
Echoes/Lib Culture156 9.4%
The Jeffersons 152 9.1%
Combat 137 8.3%
Muppets 136 8.2%
Sports (variety) 134 8.0%
Good Times 111 6.6%
Sandford & Sons 74 4.4%
Falcon Crest 53 3.1%

89 percent of respondents said they get their news and information from
radio and TV

60 percent of respondents prefer to get their news from TV

62 percent of respondents said TV made them more award of western culture as

opposed to 38 percent for other cultures - radio was 42 percent and 58

Almost 49 percent said they purchased products for the first time because of


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