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3 - 9 JUNE
The International Environmental Film Festival was held in Pretoria for
the first time in 1995, to coincide with the UN

Due to a number of factors, it was decided that the festival would only
be a competitive one biannually and, in the years in-between, a Festival
of Festivals would be held. This Festival of Festivals consists of a
retrospective, where the winners of the Pretoria Festival in 1995 are
shown, as well as showings of winners from environmental film festivals
all over the world. Some of the festivals who have contributed videos

To date, 51 films have been received from more than ten countries and
they will be shown at the Transvaal Museum in Pretoria from 3 to 9 June
1996 (excluding Saturday morning).

Programme information is available from Antonia Vermeulen at the
Festival Office at tel. 314-2327 or fax 3233831, or you can e-mail
Phyllis Dannhauser at (this last address
doesn't"t always work but try it) You can also phone Elizabeth
Bronner at the Transvaal Museum at tel. 3227632 X 126.

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