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National Video Resources just published an excellent 12 page guide to using
the internet for marketing independent films and videos. It is entitled
"Independents in Cyberspace" by Peter Broderick. It is Issue #18; Spring
1996. It has sections on "The Rise of the WWW," "The Future of Cyberspace,"

"Innovative Models on the Web," "The Forseeable Future," "Film Sites on the
WWW" and bits on the WWW sites of Noodlehead Network, California Newsreel,
Documentary Educational Resources, Bullfrog Films PBS, Gary Handyman: A
Resource for Distributors on the Net. Unfortunately it missed DSR's African

Cinema WWW site in its listings.

This is an excellent guide for anyone thinking of setting up a WWW site.

Contact NVR at:
National Video Resources
73 Spring Street, Suite 606
New York, NY 10012
tel: 212 274 8080
fax: 212 274 8081

Also they have reprints of 17 old issues and 10 other NVR publications
available, including:
Issue #6 - which gives a lot of useful information about contracting for
video distribution
Issue #9 - a report on using video in the college textbook industry
Issue #12 - the state of video in libraries
Issue #13 - guidelines on marketing to the grade school market
Issue #14 - publicity and the independent producer
Issue #16 - intellectual property in a multimedia environment
Issue #17 - distribution of digital video
"The LAVA Project" addressing use of Latin American video in college
"Social Message Video Production and Distribution in sub-Saharan Africa" -
by me, Steve Smith (old, but...)
"Taking it to the Theaters..." a study of the distribution strategy for an
issue-oriented film
"Video Forum: A Videography for Libraries"

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