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Yes. I was at this theatre checking out the Chow Yun-Fat retrospective, when
saw a promotional flyer for this movie. I'm looking forward to seeing it.


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Kino International Corp, the New York-based distributor of foreign and
classic motion pictures proudly announces that African filmmaker Cheick
Oumar Sissoko's acclaimed film GUIMBA: THE TYRANT will receive a U.S.
theatrical release.

Grand Prize Winner at FESPACO (Africa's preeminent film festival), GUIMBA
will have a limited two-week run at New York's Cinema Village Theater,
beginning May 24.

Following the New York engagement, Kino plans an ambitious theatrical and
non-theatrical release in major cities and universities in the U.S.
Classroom screenings will also be offered shortly thereafter. GUIMBA will
play in Philadelphia on July 25-28 (at the International House) and in
Atlanta on July 5-7 (as part of the national Black Arts Festival).

For more information on GUIMBA (including plot synopsis, cast and credits
and a selection of color photos) visit Kino On-Line on the World Wide Web.
The address is:

If you are interested in bringing GUIMBA to your college or community,
please contact Kino International at (800) 562-3330 or (212) 629-6880.<<<

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