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The cinema conference,

The information that we at Africa Film & TV have as regards Fespaco '96 is
that the festival and market will take place 22 Feb-1 March 1997. Contact F
Sawadago, Director, tel+226-307538, fax +226 312509.

Carthage festival and market takes place 11-20 October 1996 this year.

The Southern African Film & TV market takes place in Capetown 13-17
November 1996. Contact tel:+27-11-7143229, email:

These markets are located in Western, Southern and Northern Africa
respectively and there would be some dispute about which represents the
Hollywood of Africa. Undoubtedly, the South African film industry is the
largest in Africa.

Regards, Russell Honeyman
Africa Film & TV
Newton Musara
Africa Film & TV
PO Box 6109
Tel: 263-4-726795/6
Fax: 263-4-726796

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