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I'm reposting the following announcement, which reached me through a string
of forwardings (stripped out here)....

Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa (SCOLMA),
has a special issue entitled `Images of Africa'. It reproduces the
papers of SCOLMA's conference held in June 1994. Between them
the twelve contributors consider a wide variety of visual images
of Africa, including paintings, drawings, etchings and
engravings, still photographs, films and television, and
discuss issues ranging from the role of images and the
motives of those creating them to the practical problems
involved in storing, conserving and cataloguing such
materials. Half the papers are devoted to describing the
collections of visual images of Africa in major library and
archival collections in Britain. There are 19 black and
white illustrations. The contents are as follows:

Andrew Tatham, `Images of Africa, 1830-1994: the Picture
Library of the Royal geographical Society'

Marion Harding, `Soldiers of the Queen: photographs of
Africa, 1867-1902 in the National Army Museum'

Elizabeth Edwards, `Photography: a reflexive overview from

Ann Datta, `The zoology of Africa in art'

Sylvia Fitzgerald, `Images of Africa at Kew Gardens'

Julia Sheppard, `Care and cyre in Africa: illustrations in
the Wellcome collections'

Sue Malden, `Images of Africa: television's eye'

James Patterson, `Africa on film'

Tom French, `Pictorial resources for Africa in Britain and
Europe: an overview'

John Falconer, `Organization, cataloguing and storage of
photographic collections'

Terry Barringer, `Images of Africa in the Royal Commonwealth
Society collections'

Jackie Loos, `An eye to the future: iconography in
post-apartheid South Africa'

SCOLMA, `Images of Africa: the pictorial record'. London:
SCOLMA, 1995. 114pp. ISBN 0 904090 07 8

Copies are available price 17.50 pounds sterling (prepayment
with order, please) from:

David Blake
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
28 Russell Square
London WC1B 5DS
United Kingdom

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