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The Institute for Cognitive Studies in Film and Video is a
nonprofit organization attached to the Department of Theatre and Film at
the University of Kansas. The Institute staff searches the literature of
cognitive science for research findings that might have a bearing upon
issues relevant to film and video. ICS conducts workshops and symposia
which facilitate and promote discussion of problems of film theory in the
context of the findings and the theoretical constructs of cognitive
science, literary theory, and perceptual and cognitive psychology. It
also carries out research, consistent with the methods and standards of
cognitive science, specifically focused upon problems related to film and
video, and serves as a clearinghouse for information gained from
the above activities.
If you would like to know more about ICS, complete the following
form and return it to the Institute.
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I am interested in receiving more information about ICS. (There are no
charges for any of the following.)

___ Please send the information, and include a set of
articles that will give me an overview of the field
of cognitive science and its potential for film studies.
___ Send just the information on ICS, do not include the

Name: ________________________________________

Institution: ________________________________________

Check one: ___ Faculty
___ Graduate student
___ Undergraduate
___ Other ______________________________

Special interest: ______________________________________

E-mail address: ______________________________________

Postal address: ______________________________________



I prefer to receive the materials requested by __ E-mail __ postal service
Send your request by postal service to: Institute for Cognitive Studies in
Film and Video
Department of Theatre and Film
356 Murphy Hall
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas 66045

Or by e-mail:
Or find us on our Web Page:

Justin Lamont (

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