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I am a seriously under-distancing kinda guy. The type that cries during
commercials and re-runs of Lassie. I know the power of the media!
Eisenstein would've loved me.

I'm an MK from Kenya. I consider myself a "world citizen" which means I'm
not sure where I'm from.

Went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas (no, I was not responsible for the
fire) received my Bachelor's degree in R/TV/Film & Mass Comm. Later I got
my Master's in Communication Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological
Seminar. I also a hold degree from Sony's school of Videography Art in Live
Event Coverage.

I've worked for private video companies, cable networks (including CNN) ABC
and CBS affiliates. During my five years of shooting news I was given 9
Associated Press awards for excellence in journalism including Best
Documentary, Best News Video, and Best Feature. The Georgia Psychological
Association presented me with the 1992 Media Award-TV for "Excellence in
Presenting Psychological Issues."

I tend to see the world in terms of "shots" and lighting conditions. I used
to tell my talent that, "I don't care what you feel like as long as you look
good." I have been shot at, punched, hung out of helicopters and nearly
burned alive covering the news. And those were the good days!

I look forward to reading this august conference's wit and pithy sayings.



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