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Television, Film and the Unfinished Task of Evangelism

A consultation of media executives and producers from organizations
interested in forming dynamic partnerships will be held in Virginia
Beach, Virginia, October 10-12 1996. The consultation, called
Television, Film and the Unfinished Task of Evangelism will
have the following goals:

1. To discuss ways to work together in various aspects of media efforts.
These include:
a. pooling of already produced resources
b. developing joint media campaigns
c. co-productions
d. coordinated training efforts in writing & production.

2. To develop a database of Christian media ministries and personnel
currently working in the 10/40 Window in order to:
a. determine what existing media products and productions are
available and how these can be used more effectively through
b. determine how media resources can function to serve AD2000
national and regional and media coordinators.
c. determine what training activity is necessary to enable grass
roots media efforts to be more effective.

The consultation, will be convened by Eric Watt, Chairman of the
AD2000 & Beyond Media Track. Eric is also the Vice President
of the International Division of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

For more detailed information contact Tim Hulme by email:
Daniel J. Henrich
Media Consultant
Handclasp International

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