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Mon, 22 Jul 1996 14:44:41 -0400

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Dear Friends,

This is to let you all know that Africa Film &TV96 is now available. Anyone
out there interested in placing some orders can do it through the email.
Cost per copy is US$22.00/GBP15.00 or free with a year's subscription to
Africa Film & TV Quarterly Magazine US$78.00 (USA & rest or world),
GBP44.00(Europe), GBP38.00(Africa). Payment can be made payable to Z
Promotions Pvt Ltd.

Orders can be sent to Att: Newton Musara at

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Newton Musara
Subscription Manager
Africa Film & TV
P.O. Box 6109
Tel: 263-4-726795/6
Fax: 263-4-726796

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