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This was on the afrlitcine list and I thought it might interest many of our
subscribers too.

Subject: African Films in the Classroom
Date: Monday, July 22, 1996 2:53PM

Dear AfrLitCine subscribers:
I would like to initiate a discussion on the use of African
films in the classroom. One of the most commonly asked questions
concerning the teaching of African films is what is available and where
can it be obtained.

I am inviting members of the list to indicate which
films they have used with success in the classroom, and,
when possible, where the film can be obtained.

As a general source of many films, California
Newsreel is the premier distributor in this country. They
have been kind enough to provide us with the following

Dear Ken:

Thanks for thinking of us. You could instruct readers to go to our web
page. The last two titles don't have descriptions on the web page yet.
We are in the process of acquiring more titles, so people should
check with later..

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