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thought some may have suggestions for Leon

"F. Leon Wilson" <> wrote:

I am developing a research project on African Americans in newsreels.
I want to locate various holdings of newsreels that focus on African
American life/culture. Of particular interest are newsreels that ran
as trailers or news "shorts" in films directed at either general
audiences or black audiences. The historical timeframe would be circa
1939 to 1969, inclusive of U.S. military efforts during WW II through
the Civil Rights Movement in America.

I know the Schomburg Research Center has several holdings. I need to
find out where other newsreel collections are housed, how extensive
they are, how to contact curators, etc.

Also, I need to know what research, if any, has been done exclusively
on the African American presence in these types of films. Based on my
limited search, so far, I don't believe any comprehensive cataloging
or analysis has been done to date.

Thanks for everyone's help on this.

F. Leon Wilson
CODE One Communications
Senior Project Manager

P. O. Box 9726
Columbus, Ohio 43209

614.338.8384 (fax)

"F. Leon Wilson" <>

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