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About: 'Everyone's Child' article from The Zimbabwe HERALD - 7/27/96

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quoted from The HERALD - 7/27/96

The Media for Development Trust has completed shooting and pre-testing
of its latest feature film at a cost of about Z$4.5 million. The film will
be released in Harare in September.

A spokesmen for the MFD said the film titled: "Everyone's Child" was
shown in several parts of the continent including to hundreds of people in
Uganda, Ghana, Zambia and Zimbabwe during the pre-tests where viewers
described it as "shockingly realistic."

MFD are the makers of "Neria" which took Zimbabwe by storm and other
films such as " More Time" and " Mwanasikana."

The film which was directed by German-trained film director, Tsitsi
Dangarembwa, who is probably the first black female film director in this
country, portrays a story of two children's abrupt journey into the world of

adult responsibility. It is a story of love and of the triumph of human
spirit in the face of tragedy.

The sound track of the film is a celebration of contemporary Zimbabwean

music featuring tracks from Andy Brown, Thomas Mapfumo, Leonard Dembo,
Leonard Zhakata, Midnight magic and many others as well as original music
from some of the country's talented writers and performers.
Note: The World Premiere is in Toronto Sept 13th and the African Premiere
is in Harare Sept 18th. I will be attending both. Distribution is via DSR,

Inc. If you are interested in videos, films or broadcast rights please
contact me at
Steve Smith

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