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Subject: HADDON Catalogue of Archival Ethnographic Film
Date: Sunday, 11 August, 1996 12:31PM

HADDON - The On-line Catalogue of Archival Ethnographic Film

The HADDON catalogue, containing records of archival ethnographic film
stored in film archives, museums and other institutions around the world,
will be coming to the World Wide Web in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, a set of demonstration pages containing sample search forms and
records have been mounted on a Web server in Oxford for potential users to
look over and - we hope - provide us with some feedback.

If you would like to sample what's on offer please go to this URL:

We would be *very* grateful for any feedback on both the general design and
layout of the pages, and on the logic by which we plan searches to be made.
But be warned - real searches are not possible - these are just static
pages to give you an idea!

Marcus Banks and Tina Stoecklin
HADDON Project
ISCA, Oxford

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