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Africans have become accustomed to seeing a case or two
of fraud or corruption in their daily papers.

Media for Development Trust, with sponsorship from the
Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management
(ZIPAM), assembled a research team comprised of experts from
varied disciplines to examine the issue of fraud and corruption
in their daily newspaper.

This video explores the causes and consequences of fraud and
corruption through docu-drama. Interviews with a host of high-
ranking Public Service officials are interlaced with an analysis
of the root causes of fraud and corruption and the subsequent
political and socio-economic effects.

This video was produced by Media for Development Trust for
the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management
(ZIPAM). It is designed for use in the training of Public Service
officials. It is also applicable in public administration policy studies.

Running time: 30 minutes
Language: English
Produced for the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management
Available in VHS PAL
Price: US$59 (and a US$20 discount is available for African agencies)
Contact: DSR, Inc; 9111 Guilford Rd, Columbia, MD 21046, USA
tel: 301 490 3500 fax: 301 490 4146 email:

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