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We are organizing three premieres for the latest Zimbabwean film directed by

Tsitsi Dangarembga, Zimbabwe's first black woman film maker, and produced by

Media for Development Trust.

The World Premiere will be in Toronto on Sept 13 and 14. The African
premiere will be in Harare Sept 18, and the American premiere will be at
Mill Valley, near San Francisco about October 13. A London premiere will
also be organized at about this time. We are planning for Tsitsi to attend
all these events. Also I will attend them all, except London. John Riber,
(producer) will attend Toronto and Harare, and Jonny Persey, (producer) will

attend Harare and London.

If any of the African cinema conference readers can attend any of these
premieres, please contact Steve Smith at and I can send you
the information about exact dates and venues, and invitations for the

Soon I'll post the WWW address for the film, as well as some production
notes, and promotional information. DSR will be distributing videos in
October, as well as posters, music CDs and tape cassettes. Also we'll have
16 and 35mm films for rental, and broadcast rights are available, if anyone
is interested please contact me.

Steve Smith

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