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Thu, 22 Aug 1996 23:03:06 -0400

Please update your links. The Web site for the World Film Festival -
Montreal, Aug 22 - Sept 2, 1996 is now available at:

Featuring GIF-animation, JAVA, and Shockwave, this year's site offers you
pictures, descriptions, credits and directors' biographies for each of the
382 films featured. Films can be searched for by title, director, country,
credit and filmography. A schedule of the 800 screenings over 12 days is
continually updated to advise filmgoers of sold-out screenings and schedule

With 250,000 hits a day expected this year, buy your ad space now!

Press contact: Chris Dilworth, Arena Communications (514) 849-9408
Advertising contact: Vali Fugulin, WFF (514) 848-3883

Bon Festival!

Another fine site by Arena Communications - Web architects of distinction.
Please call for all your Internet / Intranet needs: Consulting, graphic
design, hosting service, co-location service, database solutions, custom
programming, publicity, marketing. We're hiring; apply to

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