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The FESPACO information packet is out! I emailed to


and after about a month, I got a 22 page packet which included:

Cover letter from Baba HAMA
the FESPACO regulations - 6 pages
the Professional African Television and Video Competition regulations
- 2 pages
The MICA - VIIIth International Market of the African Film and Television
- 2 pages
Two entry form for films (deadlines 5 January 1997 and 15 November)
- but I can't tell why there is two different forms
and an entry form for individuals to register
and info sheets on the Festival and the Paul Robeson Prize

The dates of the festival again are: Feb 22 to March 1, 1997

for more information contact:
Secretariat General Permanent
01 B.P. 2505 Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso
tel: 30 75 38
fax: 31 25 09
telex: 5255 BF

The best / least expensive travel arrangements for those leaving from North
America are probably available via:

Laye Thiam (pronounced Ly Chiam)
Timbuk Tours / Travel Gems
11 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY 10001

Please call him and tell him you are interested, and encourage him to be
sure to get us all bookings at the Hotel Independence - by far the best
place to stay at. Tell him the African Cinema Conference listserve sent

See you there....
regards, Steve Smith

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