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Sat, 31 Aug 1996 10:53:35 -0400

Originally from: Muhonjia Khaminwa <>
Originally dated: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 10:53:35 -0400

Hello Mr. Bailey,

I am a consultant at Africa Online, an internet service provider in
Africa. We run a website at
One of the features we had developed was a site on African Films around
the African Film Festival in NYC earlier this year. I would like to
carry information on the Planet Africa film festival in Toronto.
Depending on whether or not you have a web site (I just did a search
and you do,

except pointing to it is returning an Error 404, this file does not exist

In that case I would like to be able to include a link to your site on
our film news page. So let me know what the correct URL is.

Muhonjia Khaminwa

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