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Dear Friends,

Would anybody like to help this person?

>From: "A.RAMAMURTHY" <>
>Organization: University of Central Lancashire
>Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 13:10:58 GMT+0
>Subject: the third cinema
>Dear Eram subscribers,
>I am currently developing a course on 'the Third Cinema' for third
>level B.A. students. The course will concentrate on West African
>cinema and 'The New Indian Cinema' from Bengal, as examples of the
>'third' cinema. Film makers whose work will be discussed include
>Ousemane Sembene, Soulemane Cisse, Med Hondo, and on the Bengali
>side, Satayajit Ray, Shyam Benegal, Mrinal Sen and Ritvik Ghatak.
>Does anyone have copies of films by the above, or others that would
>be of interest, which I could copy/borrow/hire? or do you know of
>anywhere in Britain (apart from the BFI) where such films are
>Please contact me direct on -, instead of
>cluttering up the eram list
>Anandi Ramamurthy
>Dept of Historical and Critical Studies.
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