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I worked as a script consultant on a 16mm film regarding the
popularisation of grievance procedures amongst illiterate, migrant,
Zulu-speaking construction workers in the mid-1980s. A very
extensive reception analysis was done on a) the migrant workers; and
b) the white supervisors and managers; and c) the complaints by the
sponsor, the Building Federation that the film was `revolutionary'
and should not be shown to the workers.

The report is now out of print but I can send a copy to you if you
want it.

Keyan Tomaselli
University of Natal
Durban, South Africa

> does anyone have further bibliographic suggestions on the anthropology of
> television, with particular reference to TV and video among migrants? I
> would be more interested in ethnographic studies of TV's impact rather
> content analysis of programs.
> Thanks a lot
> Paola Schellenbaum, via Menabrea 29, I-20159 Milano
> tel: (+39)-2-6081279
> e-mail:

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