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Thursday, 19 September, 1996 9:55AM

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Date: Thu., 19 Sept. 1996
From: David Lush, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)


The COMMUNITY VOICES conference will bring together
regional organisations, independent practitioners and the
MISA membership in order to strengthen ties and make an
action plan for the establishment and support of independent
electronic and community media in the region. The conference
will also concretize plans for the eastern & southern African
network for community media and lay the groundwork for the
establishment of the southern African network for independent
and democratic television and video practitioners.

Sunday, October 6
#MISA Governing Council Meeting
#Conference Registration
#Press Briefing
#Welcoming Cocktail

Monday, October 7
#MISA Chairpersons Address
#What is Community Media?
#Role of Community Media Centres
#MISA Chapter Reports; Botswana, Malawi, Namibia

Tuesday, October 8
#Advocacy Training for Community Radio
#Building Community through Video & TV
#Role of Independent Production in Promoting Pluralism
#Building a Southern African Network for Independent
and Democratic Video &
#MISA Chapter Reports; Swaziland, Zambia, Angola

Wednesday, October 9
#Advocacy Training for Community Radio (Continued)
#Affirmative Action - Access to the Public Broadcaster
#Capacity Building and Training Needs for the Independent
video Production
#MISA Chapter Reports; Mozambique Tanzania, Lesotho

Thursday, October 10
#Sustainability and Funding for the Community Media Sector
#Capacity Building and Training Needs for Independent &
Community Radio

#Building the Eastern & Southern African Community Media

#MISA Chapter Reports; Zimbabwe, South Africa

Friday, October 11
#MISA Reports and Resolutions
#Future cooperation with SABA, Eastern &
Southern African Community Media Network

#MISA Press Freedom Award Dinner

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