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Dear Friends,

This is a forwarded message.
I have additional comments, at the end of the message.

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>thought slavery was gone..nope just harder to find..check out the fwd
>below..rodney c..
>Please visit our homepage:
>Friends, we have made an important breakthrough. NBC's Dateline will air
>an expose of slavery in Sudan on 10/22. (Tentative schedule, check your
>local papers for exact time and date.)
>This will show footage of the purchase of 2 black slave boys by
>reporters from the Baltimore Sun. It will also contain the scene where
>Louis Farrakhan dares the reporters to go find out for themselves the
>truth about slavery. This dare prompted the Baltimore Sun reporters to
>go to Sudan.
>The Farrakhan dare came about as he was responding to a question about
>slavery at a news conference in Washington. According to the New York
>Times, it is pressure and reports by the American Anti-Slavery Group
>which have most led to Farrakhan's emotional dare at this news
>We should all be proud that our efforts have landed slavery on national
>TV. Now we need to re-double our work, or efforts and our sacred duty to
>aid those in bondage.
>IN Freedom,
>Charles Jacobs
>Only when lions have historians will hunters cease being heroes. African
>Without struggle there is no progress. Frederick Douglass
>The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.
> Biko
>yours in the struggle
>Rodney D. Coates
>Director of Black World Studies
>Associate Professor of Sociology
>Miami University
>Oxford, Ohio 45056
>513 529-1235

Dear Friends,

I have bookmarked SLAVERY LINKS:

Scroll down (about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the page) to the section
of AFRICAN HISTORY, then scroll down some more to SLAVERY.

I am collecting bookmarks, if anyone would like to contribute.
In fact, AASG, I have bookmarked your home page.
Please advise if this is not ok.


Prema = 8< D

?????? "evoke beauty, truth, light and love....peace!"
@ @ & "be careful what you wish for .... you might get it!"
~ -
<> Prema Qadir, B.S.C.E. = 8< D

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