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I forgot to tell you that we have a Southern African film festival starting
today in Harare. The line-up looks impressive:

Flame (Zimbabwe)
Everyone's Child (Zimbabwe)
I am the Future (Zimbabwe)
Cry the Beloved Country (South Africa)
Soweto Green (South Africa)
Au Nom du Christ (Cote d'Ivoire)
Tumult (Ethiopia)
Guimba (Mali)
Yaaba (Burkina Fasso)
Tilai (Burkina Fasso)
Le Cri du Coeur (Burkina Fasso)
Samba Traore (Burkina Fasso)
Run for the Dream (USA)
Naked Acts (USA)
A Lucy (Mauritius)
Histoire d'une Rencontre (Algeria)
Battle of the Sacred Tree (Kenya)
Heritage Africa (Ghana)

I'm going to try to get to as many as I can but since they are all being
shown in one week I'll either die of over-exposure or miss quite a few.
I have seen most of the South African and Zimbabwean ones and
I have reviewers lined up for them, but what about the Rest of Africa?
Anyone out there a specialist in Burkina Fasso films or any of the
others I've mentioned who could give me a bit of background info.
or a kick-start if I end up having to do the reviews myself?
Any of these particularly important?
Carole Pearce
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