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Dear Friends,

Are these films made in the language of the country.
And are there subtitles?
Are subtitles printed in English?

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>I forgot to tell you that we have a Southern African film festival starting
>today in Harare. The line-up looks impressive:
>Flame (Zimbabwe)
>Everyone's Child (Zimbabwe)
>I am the Future (Zimbabwe)
>Cry the Beloved Country (South Africa)
>Soweto Green (South Africa)
>Au Nom du Christ (Cote d'Ivoire)
>Tumult (Ethiopia)
>Guimba (Mali)
>Yaaba (Burkina Fasso)
>Tilai (Burkina Fasso)
>Le Cri du Coeur (Burkina Fasso)
>Samba Traore (Burkina Fasso)
>Run for the Dream (USA)
>Naked Acts (USA)
>A Lucy (Mauritius)
>Histoire d'une Rencontre (Algeria)
>Battle of the Sacred Tree (Kenya)
>Heritage Africa (Ghana)


I believe all the English titles are in English. I saw Guimba, and it is in
a native Malian language, with English subtitles. It was beautiful, but I
found the story hard to follow, even with the sub-titles. I'd like to see
it a second time. I heard that Au Nom du Christ was in French, without
regards, Steve Smith, moderator

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