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Book Series
Studies on the Southern African Media No 5

New Title

Public Service Broadcasting: Policy
Directions Towards 2000

Edited by Alum Mpofu, Susan Manhando and Keyan Tomaselli

A consultative report on a two year project commissioned by the
Film and Allied Workers Organisation, and the Film and TV
Federation. The new technologies component was funded by the SA
Broadcasting Corporation.


* The Role of the Public Broadcasters in a Future South
* Drama programming and the Public Broadcaster
* Advertising and Public Service Broadcasting
* Women Broadcasters and Affirmative Action at the SA
Broadcasting Corp.
* Public TV Programming for Children
* The Impact of Developing Technologies on PSB
* News and Public Service Broadcasting
* Policy Considerations for religious Broadcasting
* Sport and Public Service Broadcasting
* Education Broadcasting and the Public Broadcaster

Published by Anthropos (Johannesburg) and Intervention Press
(Denmark). 298pp. Softcover only. (Intervention prices should
be obtained direct at E-mail:
Fax: + 45-86-27-5133. Phone: + 44-86-27-2333.


Copies are: Southern Africa: R54
Overseas: $25. This includes postage and packaging.


Fax: Attn: Susan Govender, CCMS, + 27-31-260-1519
Phone: Attn: Susan Govender, + 27-31-260-2505

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