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Cape Town is the venue of the first Southern Africa film and television
market to be held in November to expose the region's products to
international film distributors and buyers. The Southern African
International Film and Television market which is to become an annual event,

is expected to cater for global interests in the region.

SAIFTM chairman, Richard Ishmail said yesterday the market would ensure
international interest was nurtured by becoming a meeting platform for all
industry members and affiliated businesses. The objective of the event is to

introduce the region as a location and production centre, and provide
critical education and training through seminars, workshops and general
interaction with the global film community.

The film-makers are also to use the event to exhibit films, documentaries
and shorts completed on the African continent with a potential for sale to
other territories. "This market has potential to build our industry and
create a much needed opportunity for our emerging and first-time film-making

who have previously been excluded," Ishmail told delegates attending the
Southern African Film Festival in Harare.

Over 5,000 invitations were sent to the international film and television
community, including individual film producers, distributors and
institutions, while regional film-makers have already indicated interest in
the event. Asked whether the event was not a duplication of the Southern
African Film Festival, Ishmail said the two were sister events complementing

each other. "While the SAFF is a showcase of African film, the SAIFTM will
be a place where film buyers and sellers will have time to do business," he

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