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Television, Film and the Unfinished Task

86 representatives from 12 countries will convene October 10-12th in
Virginia Beach, VA, to address the use of television and film in Christian
Witness, Coordinated by media consultant, Daniel Henrich for the AD2000 &
Beyond Movement, the consultation will feature specific panel discussion on
strategic agenda items like: CoProduction Partnerships; Media Research;
Prosocial Programming; Language Dubbing; MultiMedia Campaigns and Training
In addition, 10 case studies will be presented of TV programs and their
strategic objectives in Christian Witness. For more information, contact Dan

Henrich, at (757) 4671288 or email:

Daniel Henrich, Media Consultant
Handclasp International, 1308 Graylyn Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Home Page: HTTP://

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