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MONTREAL, Sept. 16 / CNW - Pierre S. Pettigrew, Minister for
International Cooperation and Minister responsible for La Francophonie,
today announced that Canada will support a new program administered by Vues
d'Afrique to promote and expand the African audio-visual industry.

"The lack of African images on the continent's theatre and television
screens is a call to action," Mr. Pettigrew said. "That is why we are
committed to promoting the emergence and encouraging the creativity of
African film-makers."

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will fund the
African Audio-Visual Industry Development Support Program (AAVIDSP). The
program will provide training for African screenwriters and producers,
increased promotion of films in Africa, support for the magazine ECRANS
d'AFRIQUE, and technical assistance to the Pan African Festival of Film and
Television. To a lesser extent, it will make possible the acquisition of
broadcasting or non-theatrical rights to a number of African films in
Canada. The program will also create jobs for Canadian screenwriters who
will act as a resource persons.

Founded in 1983, Vues d'Afrique is a Montreal-based non-profit
organization specializing in films, television and development education. It
has considerable experience implementing programs to develop African cinema
and television. Vues d' Afrique will collaborate with the Pan African
Federation of Film Producers (PAFFP), an umbrella group of associations
representing independent professionals working in the African audio-visual
industry to implement the AAVIDSP.

"CIDA's contribution will result in concrete action in Africa to assist

independent film-makers and producers, and it supports the work we began 13
years ago to promote the film industry," said Mr. Ousseynou Diop, Vice
President of Vues d' Afrique. "We are happy to join with the PAFFP and our
partners in taking this important new step toward increased cooperation
between the audio-visual industries in Africa and Canada."

CIDA will allocate $500,000 over two years to implement the program.
This funding was provided for in the 1996 federal budget and is therefore
built into the existing fiscal framework.

For further information: Media Relations Office, Canadian International
Development Agency (CIDA), (819) 953-6534 or Francoise Wera, Vues d'
Afrique, (514) 284-3322.

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