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I might add to the reading on Yeelen my own chapter in Dina
Sherzer, ed., *Cinema, Colonialism, Postcolonialism*,
University of Texas Press 1996, just published. It contains
about ten pages' analysis of the film. Unfortunately I
didn't know about Suzanne MacRae's article until too late to
refer to it, and she has some helpful insights that are
missing from my piece. Still, I hope it may be of use.

There is a further chapter in the book on Med Hondo's
*Soleil O* by Madeleine Cottenet-Hage, and other chapters
examine the French imperial imaginary in cinema, Beur
cinema, Rouch, and so on.

Best wishes,

John Downing

John D.H. Downing 512-471-4071 (phone)
Department of Radio-Television-Film 512-471-4077 (fax)
The University of Texas, CMA 6.118
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