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AUDIO-VISUAL INDUSTRY, (on 8 oct 96, 11:52), it is written that
"the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)... will
provide technical assistance to the Pan African Festival of Film
and Television"...

The FESPACO secretariat is astonished at this news. No demand has
been made by FESPACO to CIDA to offer any technical assistance and
no cooperation agreement has so far been signed by the two
institutions. Therefore, this information is not right, and the
FESPACO secretariat wants to consider the African
-cinema-conference a serious forum of exchange, and wishes all to
use it as such.

Mention is also made of a Pan African Federation of Film Producers
(PAFFP). If this is a new organization that differs from the
Panafrican Federation of Filmmakers(FEPACI), please let the source
of the information give us more details about it.

The office of the Secretary General of FESPACO
I want to post this to keep you all aware of what is happening. But I just
repeated word for word a press release that came to me from a friend in
Toronto. I've checked and found that this was the Canadian government press
release. That is all I know. I'm surprised by this news from FESPACO, but
I guess they will have to work it out with CIDA, etc. I'll post any further
information I get on the subject.
Steve Smith, moderator

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