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Subject: ' THINGS WE DON'T TALK ABOUT ' - a new video available - a dramatic
story about community and individual acceptance of disabilities from the
African diaspora...

Andrew is blind. He lives with his family on the island sitting day after
day in the dark, helpless and unable to defend Martha, his sister in law,
from his violent brother, Tim.

When the evangelist healer makes a crusade around the island, Andrew's
father takes him there, hoping his blindness will be cured! But instead,
when the healing fails to work, Andrew loses all hope.

It is through David, a disabled fieldworker for the disabled society and
Rau, who stutters and smiles his way through life, that Andrew starts to
find something to believe in again and a way of talking about the situation
his family has kept hidden for so long.

AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, VHS PAL (US $45, or $25 for local African agencies) -
46 minutes from DSR, Inc , 9111 Guilford Rd, Columbia, MD 21046, USA, tel: 1
301 490 3500; fax: 1 301 490 4146; email: or

Produced by Wan Smolbag Theatre and Pasifika Communications, Vanuatu

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