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Dear Friends,

I am getting antsy about going to Burkina Faso. = 8< )
I'd like to see some updates on the festival.
I am not aware of any website which focuses on 1997 FESPACO, so I made one.

The webpage is available online:
Prema's Unofficial FESPACO Home Page

I would value your feedback about this webpage.
Please tell me your feelings.

I apologize if I have left anyone or any information out. Please advise
tell me if you are aware of any information which I could include on the

Also, if you have been linked and do not want to be linked, then please tell
me so.


1. Does Laye Chiam have a webpage or e-mail address?

2. Does anybody have an e-mail address for Ibrahima Ouedraogo?

3. Anything else? Anybody else that should be linked?

4. I'd like to be able to list the films that will be featured at the
Is there a list of 1997 FESPACO films? May I link to it?

We shall not be moved nor shall our goal be diverted.
We will not be assimilated or amalgamated,
we shall hold on to our cultural heritage and identity.
We will not be coopted or silenced,
we shall boldly set forth our agenda, pursue our interests
and continue our struggle for complete and total freedom.

Excerpted from: "On the Struggle"
A Poem by "Rodney Coates" <>

Laye Chiam's email address is otherwise he is
reachable by fax or snail mail.
Laye Thiam (pronounced Ly Chiam)
Timbuk Tours / Travel Gems
11 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY 10001

And would you like to link this WWW page to an appropriate page of DSR's
webpage? -- -- we'll also put a link to yours
from ours - and soon someday we'll have the collection of postings from the
African Cinema Conference on our WWW site, (we're working on it now...)
and we can link to your site from the section of these postings related to
cheers, Steve Smith, moderator

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