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It's interesting how few positive portrayals there are of Islam in West
African film, given how important a part of the culture it is. Filmmakers
even from predominantly Muslim countries like Mali tend to side-step the
issue -- for reasons that aren't hard to guess at.. A number of
polemically anti-Islamic films spring to mind, e.g. Sembene's GUELWAAR,
or his earlier CEDDO; Oumarou Ganda's WAZZOU POLYGAME; Drissa Toure's
(relatively) new HARAMOUYA -- the list could be extended on and on.
Probably the most extended and deepest hostile meditation on Islamic
cultural influence is the Tunisian Nouri Bouzid's -- in his own films LES
SABOTS D'OR and BEZNESS, and his screenplays for SOLTANE EL MEDIAN
&HALFOUINE . . . .

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