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Dear Misty Bastian, Franklin and Marshall College !
Thanks a lot for your e-mail letter, which I just saw today, 29.oct.
I hurry to answer you that YES, we have a film on the subject here in
Sweden at the Scandinavian Institute of African Studies in Uppsala, and the
film is called "Ethnic co-existence in Nigeria", on video VHS, 29 minutes
long. The video deals with ethnic relations and religious relations in one
of the oldest Kingdoms in West Africa: Borno Kingdom, in northeastern
Nigeria. I filmed in Maiduguri and villages around and the open bush,
during the years 1975-94, and some of it is old super-8-mm film, from the
installation ceremony of the Sultan of Borno, Shehu Mustapha alKanemi, and
his fantastic court, surrounded by horsemen, musicians and slaves. If you
want the film, you can contact me here in Sweden, just send an e-mail. The
price of a video copy is 60 dollars. I can mail it to you, if you give me
the name, exact postal address, etc. It was very nice hearing from you. I
wish you all the best for your course and screening! Many greetings from -
Mette Bovin ( Danish researcher on West Africa).
Dear friends,
I have a film/video on Islam in West Africa, which you can get from me here
in Sweden. The video is called "Ethnic co-existence in Nigeria", and it is
a social anthropological film which I made myself, filming in Northern
Nigeria 20 years ago for the first time, and later again. The film talks
about Islam as a uniting factor in Nigeria, across many ethnic boundaries.
If you like I can mail a copy of the film to you, please give me name and
exact postal address in that case. The price of a copy of the film is 60
dollars. I have worked in West Africa since 1964, so although I am Danish
by nationality I feel more Nigerian than Danish (or Swedish) . I have a
research post at The Nordic Africa Institute, address P.O.Box 1703, S-751
47 Uppsala, Sweden. I hope you will like the film, there are scenes from
everyday Islam, ( it is Sunna, not Shia), and the big Muslim "Sallah "
feast towards the end in the film, which is 29 minutes long. You also see
the biggest Muslim Sultan in Nigeria, The Sardauna of Sokoto, on the film,
visiting the Sultan(King) of Borno in Maiduguri. Please reply by E-mail to
me here in Sweden. Good luck.
Yours very sincerely, Mette Bovin (researcher on West Africa).

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