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Is this another film you're describing, or "Guelwaar" (takes place in
Senegal)? Guelwaar, a Catholic leader, disappears from the morgue and is
mistakenly buried in the Muslim cemetery. He ends up being buried twice.
There is
great controversy surrounding the whole event.

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>There was a film in distribution four or five years ago that I believed was
>set and filmed in rural Mali. I can't recall the title but the title was
>the name of the film's main character who was believed to had been killed
>for his outspoken political beliefs among other things. The story is told
>through the recollections of different people who knew this character. As
>they speak, their words are replaced by the actual scene unfolding. As the
>story unfolds, the main character - heralded by those who liked him and
>scorned by those who did not - continues to stir controversy in his death
>his body and the body of another become mixed up before burial. The mix-up
>is not realized until after burial. No one is certain which body - one
>Christian and one Islam - is in which grave. Though the movie is full of
>great humor, the ensuing complications create heavy tensions between the
>local Christians and the local adherents of Islam. Pre- Christian and
>Pre-Islamic beliefs systems are also represented.

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