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Hello Prema.

WOW! Hawaii? You're the first person that i've met that lives in Hawaii.
Could come in very handy! (i've never been but i'd love to go!) And don't
be in any rush to get back to mainland USA-don't believe the hype! Stay
where you are! i also do West African dance. Did you hear about the dance
camp in Hawaii? They'll have another one next summer. if you're

i should be asking you what to expect. This is my first trip to Africa.
i'm leaving in 3 weeks for 3 months, and my life is such a mess! i'm
trying to make a documentary film about the whole process. Anyway, how can
i catch up with Youssou? i will be going there to meet with Sembene, but
i'm also looking for Youssou. What's the name of his club?

i'll keep you informed of UCLA's festival once details become more
concrete. i hope you can make it over here. it should be a nice festival.
Tentatively, you can reserve the week of May 5-12 for the festival.

i hope you do make it to FESPACO. i'm not sure yet what's screening. i'm
trying to get my old student film, ...THE NOISE screened. We'll see what
happens. We should keep in touch. As soon as i get my information about
FESPACO, i'll let you know! Take care till then. Peace.


>Thank-you for your introduction.
>I took several performing arts classes in high school...... had a bell!
>Then I did the *right* thing (according to my Mother) and majored in
>engineering in college. = 8< /
>In 1988, I learned television/video production and I've been wishing I had
>studied filmmaking instead. I don't regret anything, but now I live in
>Hawaii where there are no film schools. And I am not ready to live on the
>mainland US again.
>I too am hungry for African cinema.
>I was in Senegal this past February.
>I wish I had known about Sembene then.
>It's easy to meet famous Senegalese people.
>If Youssou N'dour had been home at the time, I would have gone to his club
>to meet him - my Sister's Senegalese husband knows him personally. = 8< )
>Please let me know more about your film festival.
>I might like to fly over for it.
>I have been planning to go to the 1997 FESPACO since 1995 when I first
>heard about it. I hope to see you there!
>Have you been before?
>Will I recognize you by the name n-dine?
>Do you have any advice about going to FESPACO?
>Do you know which films are going to be shown?
>Please advise.
>Prema = 8< D
> ---
> ?????? "evoke beauty, truth, light and love....peace!"
> @ @ & "be careful what you wish for .... you might get it!"
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> <> Prema Qadir, B.S.C.E. = 8< D

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