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i certainly don't want to transmit erroneous information, so if you have
any further information to give me, i would be happy to hear it. i know
that Sembene HAS been to San Francisco before, but i've talked with his
interpreter who is also writing Sembene's biography, and he tells me
Sembene himself has never been to L.A. (though some of his films have

Furthermore, i never claimed that there weren't other festivals here before
this one (yes, there have been African film spotlights, film series, and
mini festivals) but they have not been annual events, nor did they have a
seven day-14 feature film scope that Pan Afrikan Visions does. Teshome
Gabriel is my adviser and though African cinema at UCLA existed before my
time, he himself agrees that never before with this kind of intensity. But
again, if you have other information, please do not hesitate to let me know
about it.

On 1 November 1996 you wrote:

> Check your facts. Ousmane has been at UCLA before, and there have
>been other African and Pan African film festivals in the past. As a UCLA
>film/video production graduate I know that both Ousmane and his films have
>been there before. Have you spoken to Tshombe?
> O.F. Makarah

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