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Subject: FW: QUERY: VIDEO: Delta Force (fwd)
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[dear subscribers: After weighing our policy of not
including advertising, I've decided to permit the notices
for films, without including the prices]

A recent ALA Bulletin gives the following information about
_Delta Force_: it is available for $XXX [contact below for
price] inclusive of postage, packaging and any available
publicity, providing it is to be used for non-commercial,
educational or personal purposes. Specify VHS, NTSC or PAL
cassette and contact: Jane Blafour Films Ltd., Burghley
House, 35 Fortress Road, London NW5 1AD, England; tel:
0171-267-5392; fax: 0171-267-4241.

Readers of the list might be interested to know that an
earlier Catma/Channel 4 film _The Drilling Fields_ (a
certain macabre humor seems to be a feature of their
titles!) can be "read" on the net at a url which I've
temporarily mislaid. I'll post the url as soon as I've found

Simon Lewis
College of Charleston
Charleston SC, 29424
Tel: 803-953-1993

The url as promised for Catma/Channel 4's _The Drilling Fields_ is:

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