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Subject: Query: a difficult choice of films (fwd)
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I'm going to give a lecture course on African Cinema South
of Sahara next spring. Now, I feel too difficult to decide
which films to show for the students. Last spring we were
quite concentrated on the films of Ousmane Sembene and the
social realist tendency but I found it a little bit too

Below is the list of films I have. I should choose six among
them, but which ones?. I might still get Guelwaar and one
film made by a woman director. Can you help me with the
choice? If the vote disturbs the list too much, you can send
the answers directly for me and I'll post the results in
some time for the list.

Thanks in advance

Mari Maasilta

Sembene Ousmane: Camp de Thiarayoe
Borom Sarret
Mohamed Camara: Denko
Moussa Bathily: Certificat d indigence
Gaston Kabore: Wend Kuuni
Djibril Diop-Mambety: Touki-Bouki
Oliver Schmitz: Mapantsula
Med Hondo: Sarraounia
Idrissa Ouedraogo: Samba Traore
Nganguru Mweze and Benoit Lamy: La vie est belle
Henri Duparc: Bal poussiere

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