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Subject: New publication on Audio Visual Media in South Africa
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 96 09:41:00 PST

I got a mailing from the Open Window Network and Zebra Information Centre
about a joint publication on AV Media in the new South Africa. It has
sections on policy, broadcasting to bit casting, democracy and the media,
reconceptualising public service broadcasting, the role of community TV,
participatory communication, Durban TV, the independent production sector,
the state of film distribution in the new South Africa, training, and where
the money is going to come from.

The price is US$10, and $5 for postal charges outside Europe, or within
Europe DKK60 + DKK20 for postage. Contact Zebra Information Centre at or fax to 45/35 36 02 15 or call to 45/35 36 40

Steve Smith

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