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Thu, 05 Dec 96 11:41:10 MET

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Originally dated: Thu, 05 Dec 96 11:41:10 MET

I would like to ask a favor of all of you submitting interesting te=
to this listserver: Please give your messages a subject headline. F=
all of us subscribing to several listservers, it is of considerable=
problems to find the most urgent messages to take part of when you=20
open your mail and find a list of 50-100 items of which several is=20
marked "no subject". I assure you, I leave these to another day if =
busy and can=B4t find it relevant by the heading!=20
Let me also make another remark (without wanting to put any=20
restrictions to any discussion) if you really want to attract=20
attention to your messages, remarks etc on the list: Try to restric=
yourself to not more than 20 lines - in not absolutely necessary.
Best regards
Lasse Nilsson
Sveriges Television, Tevearkivet (Television Archives)

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