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Mon, 09 Dec 96 09:59:00 PST

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I just got a fax from Access Africa, 2002 Fifth Ave, NY, NY, 10035, phone:
800-972-5212, fax: 212-831-4917. They leave JFK in NY Feb19th 11:00pm,
arrive Abidjan 3:20pm the next day (Feb 20th), stay at the IBIS Hotel, then
the next day (21st) leave for Ouagadougou at 4:20pm, and stay at the Hotel
Indepandance Sofitel. They leave Feb 28th 8:15pm for NY and arrive in NY
March 1 at 7:10am. Included in the price is airfares, 8 nights in hotels,
continental breakfast daily, accreditation fee, and round trip airport
transfers. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due asap, and full payment
by Feb 8th, 1997. Please contact them for more details. I believe the full

price is $1490.00 double; $350 single supplement, although the flyer doesn't


regards, Steve Smith, Moderator

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