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Subject: Breaking the Silence
Date: Sunday, 08 December, 1996 7:02PM

The Zimbabwean Review is a multi-disciplinary quarterly publication aimed at
educated and professional but not necessarily academic Zimbabweans, Africans
and Africanists throughout the world. We are making a point of studying AIDS
and its impact in our region and wondered whether anyone would be prepared
to give an objective review of the film mentioned above for our readers?

I enclose our standard Guides to Contributors in case anyone would be
interested in taking up this invitation.

Guides to Contributors
Our next deadline is 15th March 1997, the following one is 15th June and
each one thereafter is at 3-month intervals. Please let me know which
you are able to meet.

Our audience consists of educated and professional, but not necessarily
academic, Zimbabweans and Africanists in the rest of Africa and the world,
including university libraries who subscribe to TZR.

Style and content
Writing should be clear and unpretentious and well argued. There is no
objection to polemic and controversial individual viewpoints are welcomed.
Articles should be designed to entertain as well as inform the reader.
Illustrations, photographs, graphs and tables, where appropriate, are
welcomed: they should be in black and white, if possible. Originals will
be returned to the writer after use. It is the writer's responsibility to
make sure that no copyright in infringed in either the text or
illustrations. If a book review is accepted for publication, the writer
may keep the book.

Payment details
We leave the length of the article to the reviewer, but a rough guide is
1,000 words for a topic which is not of central importance and 2,000 to
3,000 for a book or article which might have a wide significance. A
review of one film should be around 800 words unless it is of
particular importance to the African audience. We pay Z$250 per
1,000 words for work which is accepted for publication. This sum
cannot be converted to foreign currency but must be accepted in Z$
and, thus, in Zimbabwe. Foreign contributors may wish to
accept a subscription to TZR in lieu of payment.

The proofreading process
There is nearly always some degree of editorial intervention between the
first draft and the published article and we ask reviewers to accept
this in good faith and work with editors to polish up the first draft, if
necessary. A final pre-publication proof is sent to reviewers for final
comments and corrections.

Submission details
We prefer articles to be submitted by one paper copy (single spacing will
do) and on disk (IBM compatible and preferably in Word Perfect) or
e-mail to save retyping. In case of book reviews we need full publications
details of the book (author, title, publisher, date and place of
ISBN, paper or hardback, nos of pages, nos of illustrations, glossary
and index, publication price and any other publisher, if it is a joint
publication), and a brief one sentence by-line locating the writer in the
context of the review (e.g. "I.M. teaches x at y and has a special interest
in z").

Please contact me if you have any queries.
Carole Pearce
The Zimbabwean Review
(Internet address:

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