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A conference on visual representations in and of Africa

Yale University, Feb. 14th, 15th and 16th, 1997
The Henry Luce Building Auditorium

Organizers: Paul Landau and Deborah Kaspin

Schedule subject to alteration.

Friday, Feb. 14th

Introduction: Images and Empires. 9:00 am.
Paul S. Landau (Yale University)

Panel 1. 9:30 am.
Representation and Possession in Central Africa

Bennetta Jules-Rosette (University of California at San Diego).
"Interrogating Modernity: Representation and Reappropriation in Zairian
Popular Painting and Tourist Art."

Bogumil Jewsiewicki (University Laval, Canada). "'Belgian Colony' and
the Representations of Politics: (Western) Modernity and Christian Tradition

in the Political Culture of the African Working Class."

Nancy Rose Hunt (University of Arizona). "Tintin au Congo and its Colonial
and Post-Colonial Reformulations."

Enid Schildkrout (American Museum of Natural History, New York). "Mangbetu
Sculptural Art and the Texts of Herb Lang."

Comments: Susan Vogel, Director, Yale Art Gallery

Lunch. 1:00 pm.

Panel 2. 2:30 pm.
Official and Unofficial Imaging in Southern Africa

Robert Gordon (University of Vermont). "Don't Look At Me Now: Death is
Dancing Me Ragged."

Keyan Tomaselli and Arnold Schepperson (University of Natal, South
Africa). "Something Old, Something Borrowed: A Marriage of Past and Present
Monumental Images in South African Television Advertisements after May

Timothy Burke (Swarthmore). "'Our Mosquitoes Are Not So Big': Images in the
Making of Mass Communication in Colonial Zimbabwe."

Judy Seidman, with C. Schaer, E. Potenza and M. Smithers (Images of
Defiance Poster Collective, Johannesburg). "Join the New Struggle: Images
of AIDS in South Africa."

Comments: James C. Scott, Professor of Political Science and Director of
Agrarian Studies, Yale

Dinner. 7:00.
Saturday, Feb.15th.

Panel 3. 9:30am.
Intercalating Colonial and Colonized in West Africa

Eric Gable (May Washington College). "Appropriae / Inappropriate Bodies:
Manjaco Portugese Interfigurations at the Climax of Colonialism."

Paula Ben-Amo Girshick (Indiana University at Bloomington). "Omada Art at
the Crossroad of Colonialisms."

Hudita Mustaf (Harvard). "Portraits of Modernity: Popular Photography and
Desiring Selvs in Dakarois Fashion."

Samba Diop (SNY Buffalo). "Mutual Representations in Colonial Senegal
(1900-1960): The Image of the African Native in the French Press and the
Native's Perception of the European in Popular Paintings."

Comments: Chrstopher Miller, Professor of French and African &
African-Amerian Studies

Lunch. 1:00 p.

Panel 4. 2:3 pm.
Icons and Prims in South Africa >
David Bunn (University of the Western Cape, South Africa). "The Sleep of
the Brave: Graves as Sites and Signs in the Colonial Eastern Cape."

Pippa Skotnes (University of Cape Town, South Africa). "Recasting
'Bushmen' in South Africa."

Carol Muller University of Natal, South Africa). "Photography, Imagery
and the Church of the Nazarites in KwaZulu-Natal."

Keith Snedega (Utah Valley State College). "Mapping Heaven and Earth: A
Stereographic Projection of British Astronomy and Khoisan Cosmology onto
the Intellectual Culture of 19th Century Cape Town."

Comments: Deborah Kaspin, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Yale

Dinner. 7:00.
Sunday, Feb. 16th.

Panel 5. 9:30 am.
Public Culture and Compromised Spectacles

Christraud Geary (National Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.).
"Betwixt and Between: Postcard Representations by Western And African

Catherine Hodeir (Institut d'Studes Politiques de Paris). "Decentering
the Gaze at the French Colonial Exhibitions."

Tejumola Olaniyan (University of Virginia). "Nationalist Crtooning in
Nigeria: Imperial Power and the Mirror Stage of Nationalism."

Henry Drewal (University of Wisconsin-Madison). "Mami Wata and Santa
Marta: Imaging Selves and Others in Africa and America."

Comments: TBA

Closing remarks. 12:30 pm.

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