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California Newsreel, within which is housed the non-profit
Southern African Media Center, San Francisco, USA, has contracted the
Centre for Cultural and Media Studies to co-curate three touring
programs of recent South African film and video. The programs are to
represent examples of media that could not or would not have been
produced prior to May 1994. Examples would be films, television
programmes (drama or documentary) and video presenting relationships
between the plurality of South African racial groups, and which are
representative of the ferment of cultural renegotiation brought on by
the political transformation.

Each program will run for from 90 minutes to two hours. One
program might consist of a single feature film or television
drama like In a Time of Violence (aka The Line). A second might
start with an episode from a popular sit-com or soap opera
followed by a segment from a talk or variety show and conclude
with examples of television news. The final program might
represent emerging black voices and consist of several shorts
including dramatic pieces, documentaries, or organizing tapes.

As co-curator, CCMS has to:

a) identify promising material;
b) obtain preview tapes;
c) make selections from them;
d) write a description of each program's content; and
e) provide information on the conditions of its production
(how, for example, does the production reflect the emerging
ethos of the new South Africa?).

In addition, we will write a 1500-2000 word overview of the
process of South African media change in the years 1994-1996
which can introduce the three part program.

The selections and write ups have to be submitted to California
Newsreel by 1 March, 1997.

Any production and distribution companies, including the SABC and
M-Net, who want their material considered, should have submitted their
entries by no later than Feb 10.

Please post a VHS copy of the title, plus press kit, press
reviews and any other information on the titles (including some
information on conditions of production) to:

Prof Keyan Tomaselli
Centre for Cultural and Media Studies
University of Natal
Durban 4041

Fax: 031-260-1519
Phone: 031-260-2505

One item to hand is that California Newsreel also hopes to negotiate
distribution contracts with most of the producers whose films are
selected for the Touring Programme for North American film and/or
video sales.

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