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Mon, 03 Feb 97 08:47:00 PST

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Here's a GREAT set of ideas! How does this sound to you all?
cheers, Steve Smith, moderator
From: Zoe Elton
To: Steve Smith
Subject: fespaco meetings
Date: Friday, 31 January, 1997 11:10AM

Dear Steve,
Thanks so much for the diligent updating of Fespaco news! I think your
idea of meeting there is a good one and is something I'd been thinking
about, so perhaps others are too. One of the biggest perks of
festivals in general is random meetings with people of common interests.
But Fespaco's specificity (and its location and that indescribable
African spirit) make it something special. Plus it's relatively
small--random is perhaps less random there.

I was wondering if there are people who would be interested in getting
together simply for lunch, dinner--or even going to movies--as a way of
being able to put faces to the cyber-names we see in this conference.

A couple of suggestions: informal meal/chats which we could post somewhere
(I seem to remember there was a notice board outside at the Independance.
Maybe they'd let us put notices there?).
Perhaps, for instance, there could be specific areas of interest attached.
(This is sounding a little like Personal Ads!) But say someone was
in women filmmakers, or co-production funds or docs or strategizing ways to
get more films into the American market or whatever and wanted to meet
others, they could post a notice suggesting dinner with a time & place
attached. People could sign up, maybe? Or leave messages with reception?
(We might need to work out some basic protocols)

Another suggestion could be a daily "happy hour" --maybe late rather than
early, when films are over--for instance, 11pm at the pool at the

In general, I'd suggest something more informal than a "meeting" because
it keeps things more open for more people.

Anyone interested?

Look forward to seeing you there--

All the best,

Zoe Elton

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